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Broadcast and IP recording, monitoring and compliance

Clips creation for OTT and social networks

ACTUS.VIEW - Gravação, monitoramento, conformidade. Gravar TV, Internet e Rádio. Monitorar de legenda, teletexto, legendas, faixas de áudio, Loudness, SCTE-104, SCTE-35. Exportar clipes para conformidade


  • High-quality broadcast off-air recording system (TS Native logger, SDI recorder, ASI logger, etc)

  • Compliance logger – complies with media regulators requirements: closed caption, Loudness, SCTE, etc

  • Ingest any type of feed: analog/digital/SDI/DVB /IP/ASI/TS/HLS/ATSC/QAM,…

  • Recording both TV and radio channels

  • Full HD broadcasts support – IP/TS HD video recorder, HD SDI video recorder

  • Multiple audio tracks support

  • Multiple-language subtitles recording, closed caption, teletext, OPI 47, etc

  • Supporting SCTE-35, SCTE-104

  • Integration of EPG, As Run log files

  • Quick access and retrieval of recorded content

  • Monitor content in Live mode or archived content

  • Assign dynamic metadata to your content

  • Quickly export clips to multiple destinations using a built-in transcoding engine with support for all industry standard file formats

  • Powerful feed quality monitoring with logs

  • Intuitive playback controls include slow-motion progress, frame-by-frame, fast forward/rewind

  • Transport stream NATIVE recording

  • Supports VM (Virtual Machines) or Cloud

ACTUS CLIP FACTORY - para redirecionamento de conteúdo: criar e publicar clipes para portais, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, de forma rápida e eficiente, manual e automaticamente


  • All in one solution: record, edit, effects, transcode, deliver

  • Web baed – no client installation is needed

  • Any workstation can be used

  • Simplicity of use – no need for professional editors

  • Built in transcoding or integration with transcoding farms

  • Can be on premise/Cloud/VM

  • Clips creation automation (for example ads removal)

  • HD frame accurate clips

  • Closed caption to comply with regulation

  • Dynamic metadata

  • Proxy monitoring for remote operation, clips to be created from the high res

  • Unlimited number of users, clips and destinations

Loudness Monitor



Actus View-Native é um gravador dedicado para logging de TS. Captura diversos canais de áudio e vídeo, salvando-os em formato nativo. O reprodutor (player) de TS permite fácil navegação para selecionar qualquer TS, qualquer canal (serviço de TV) e para reproduzir o contéudo ou ao vivo ou não. A mesma interface permite marcar qualquer segmento, criar e exportar clips ou em formato TS (arquivo .ts) ou comprimido (H.264). O Actus TS-Logger serve como gravador de conformidade.


O TS de entrada pode ser MPTS ou SPTS, IP ou ASI, em HD ou SD, MPEG-2 ou MPEG-4. É possivel excluir qualquer PID, programas especificas ou null packets do TS. Grava metadata, pistas de áudio, legendas, Closed Caption, EPG etc.


  • Follows FCC Loudness monitoring recommendations

  • Offers measurement to the ITU recommendation BS.1770-1 and BS.1770-2 standard

  • Provides compliance with US CALM Act, ATSC A/85 Practice, EBU R128 3341 PLOUD


Actus Loudness offers an on-screen display during the playback of the following values:

  • M (LUFS) – The momentary measurement

  • S (LUFS) – The short term measurement

  • I (LUFS) – The integrated average of S over the whole segment. (This is the program Loudness level itself) And it is supposed to be under -23 LUFS.

  • True Peak – Presents the statistical highest levels reached

  • Range – This is the statistical average between the highest and the lowest levels.

TV Ratings Measurement
Broadcast Alerts Real Time
ACT Change-Tracker-300x209.jpg

ACTUS RATING ANALYZER - Import of audience measurement data (Rating) for Rating analysis (Nielsen, TNS, Gallup, Kantar, IBOPE, etc)

  • Automates the imports process through the use of “Hot Folders”.

  • Visualize your rating data with actual broadcast content

  • Compare the change in graph to the actual program aired at that time

  • Compare multiple channels

  • Select to display: Demographics, Reach, Rating Points, etc.

  • Building any graphical rating graph/comparison: different channels same time, same channel different times, …

  • Archive your rating information

  • Share critical information with key people

  • Web application – no client software required!

  • Easy Comparison of your and your competitors’ rating

  • Fully interactive effective analysis

ACTUS Alert Center


  • Real time alerts for Audio or Video issues, such as no audio, blue screen, low audio, frozen image, pixelization,….

  • Configurable settings for the real time alerts reporting

  • Real time email alerts

  • SNMP configuration

  • On screen Alerts

  • The historical log of alerts allows you to analyze repetitive faults and check for fault-prone channels.

ACTUS ChangeTracker - Comparar dois streams de vídeo


  • To insure that all my channels are aired exactly as planned and without program or Ads modifications.

  • To obtain timely reports on any such modification

  • To process large number of channels automatically, fast, accurately, saving manual work.

TS Multiviewer



  • Cost savings, no need to duplicate capture cards if exist is Actus recorders

  • Unlimited number of display monitors (one screen per PC)

  • Unlimited number of Layouts

  • Dozens of TV signals per monitor screen

  • The Real-time mosaic can display multiple services received from multiple Transport Streams

  • The configuration tool is intuitive and allows building layouts for multiple walls

  • Layouts can include clocks and graphics

  • The Mosaic accepts any TV service encoded by the Actus recorders. This includes MPEG-2/AVC/HEVC Video, MPEG, AAC and Dolby® Audio, Teletext and DVB-Subtitles

  • Integration with Actus Alert-CenterTM for real-time detection of No Video, Frozen Image, Black Screen, No Audio, Low Audio

  • Integration with Deep-AnalyserTM for visualization of Alerts such as PID lost, service lost and input lost behavior as well as ETR 290 levels 1, 2 and 3

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